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Experience the Stargate

A Doorway to Other Dimensions 


Are you ready to discover the new you?


Find out what literally thousands have experienced!


The Stargate is an interdimensional doorway - a geometric structure that emits a powerful conscious energy, an energy that can move participants into a deep meditative space within moments.


The Stargate was introduced to the planet in 1989. It is one of the most advanced leading-edge devices to assist humanity in the awakening process, and their reconnection to their heritage from the Stars. Prageet and Julieanne have worked with this structure on other worlds, and bring it here at this critical time in human evolution with the help of Alkazar, their channeled guide. Dorota visited their home in Mt Shasta, California in 2018 where she took the stargate meditation facilitation workshop and she now is happy to share these  meditations in Canada. 


This sacred geometric structure creates a high vibrational energy field which allows participants to actually feel the guides and the beings from the higher dimensions that are invited to join us. As we are touched by the energy of these visitors, our vibration starts to resonate with theirs and incredible awakenings are possible. The energy fields created by this conscious structure envelope the audience in 12th dimensional frequencies, into which benevolent beings are invited. They come in a way that is very tangible to those present. You can feel the Angels, the Ascended Masters, Star Families and others as they join you in the room.  Simply by being in their loving vibrations, great potential for change is there for each person. Dormant multi-dimensional DNA reactivates, ancient Karma is dissolved, psychic abilities are enhanced, physical healings have been reported, stress disappears and love, joy and awareness expands.


The Stargate structure is unique because it has a consciousness. This consciousness responds to both individuals and groups. This consciousness enables multi-dimensional experiences for those who meditate with it. It also works on a Quantum level – it is starting to re-activate an awareness of your own Quantum Self, your superconsciousness.


This Stargate contains many systems of evolution that all work together harmoniously, simply by creating multiple levels of vibrations, frequencies.



The Stargate energetics can, without any effort from those participating, dissolve limiting Karma. It can assist in the re-aligning of their energetics, which will in some cases create physical healing – in other cases mental and emotional healing. It can create past life remembering and re-activation of psychic abilities. It can access wisdom, knowledge, from other dimensional realities. It can enable participants to actually feel and in some cases see benevolent beings such as those from the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and various Star Families – beings that exist from around your Universe, benevolent, high energy, light body Beings. All this with one structure. All this can occur simultaneously with a group of people, many things occurring at the same time.


 The Stargate is one of the leading edge devices that can assist rapid expansion of human consciousness. The beauty of it is that the individual simply needs to relax into the powerful energy fields.

With the group intention, the Stargate starts to accelerate its vibrational rate and starts to emanate frequencies from higher dimensions. This supports those present in raising their own energetic frequency, or vibration, effortlessly. In this higher frequency they are far more sensitive to other dimensional beings, who bring their presence into the room to greet and acknowledge those present.

The multi-dimensional energies that radiate from the Stargate touch each person at a very deep level, very often creating change in their lives. Many people have reported experiencing:


~Healing and balance of their physical body


~Clarity of understanding and major insight for the mental body;


~Deep relaxation and stress removal for the feeling (emotional) body


 ~Personal karma and unresolved issues being dissolved


~ Healing abilities being activated


~ Recalling past life experiences


~Spontaneous activation of inner vision and psychic abilities


~Awareness that they are not just this human part - they are their Superconsciousness experiencing through the body


~Greater flow and synchronicity manifesting in their lives



The beauty about the Stargate process is there is nothing to do! Simply relaxing and noticing the sensations that the energetic environment create in your body and in your energy field. The most common experience after a Stargate evening is a feeling of joy, transformation, and a very tangible raising of your own vibration.


You are invited to bring more joy and more celebration into your life.




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